A review of digital transformation tools and digital maturity paradigms

Author: Nicole McNeilly

In the Mingei project, a key area of our impact work has been to focus on organisational impact experienced by our heritage crafts partners and technology partners alike. For a forward-reaching project in the digitisation and digital representation of heritage crafts, we can think of organisational impact as digital transformation

In the heritage sector, digital transformation has been a buzzword now for many years. In parallel with attempts to define digital transformation, like the definition developed by Europeana relating to the discoverability of heritage collections, we have seen more and more practical tools and targeted guidance emerge that aim to conceptualise, push forward and measure digital transformation. Yet there are few overviews of what was out there and what is designed for whom and when. 

To push forward our thinking on organisational impact in Mingei we conducted a snapshot review of what’s out there at the moment. We hope that this analysis will help to stimulate even more thinking about organisational impact and digital transformation, long after Mingei finishes in May 2022.