Silk pilot overview

Pure silk, one of the oldest known natural fibres, is still highly fashionable even after thousands of years. This beautiful and elegant fabric fascinates mankind with its precious radiance, gossamer touch and strength. As long ago as antiquity, the incomparable haptic inspired the powerful in this world to such a degree that they even weighed the fibres in gold. Kings, emperors and the clergy wore splendid silken garments, the wealthy ladies and gentlemen of society did not want to forego silk clothes. The history of city of Krefeld, also referred to as the ‘Τown Like Silk and Velvet’, is closely linked to this magical material.

In the words of Annie Albers, weaving is one of the most ancient crafts, hand weaving is a method of forming a pliable plane of threads by interlacing them rectangularly. It was invented in the preceramic age and has remained essentially unchanged to this day. Weaving is expresse in a variety of fibrous materials, leading to fabrics, wicker, and tapestry. In recent years, the ability to manipulate nanostructures makes the invokation of weaving techniques relevant in life and material sciences.