Glass-results overview


Key glass pilot results


Craft understanding


How does a glass carafe is created? Learn about Glassblowing processes, equipment and techniques.

Historical Narratives

Historical Narratives are the outcomes of rationalising a vast amoun of knowledge sources, digital assets and new knowledge stemming from knowledge collection and ethnography. These are semantically represented and delivered through the Mingei Online Platform.

Digitisation & 3D Reconstruction outputs

Workshop machines

Workshop tools

Glassblowing Workshop

A walk-through to the 3D modeling of a glassblowing workshop can be seen in the following video.

Craft understanding

Craft process demonstrations

Demonstration of the carafe making process can be seen below. Both third person and close-up view are available.

Training Material

Abstractions of craft processes

Exemplars of the developed abstractions can be found bellow. Full access to the developed training material can be access through the craft training tab.

Illustrated craft demonstrations

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Process schemas and process representations

  • A process schema is a representative prescription for how a set of activities should operate in a workflow to regularly achieve desired outcomes.
  • Processes representations account for the events that took place during the execution of a process schema. Intuitively, a process is an individual flow of events, out of those possible in the activity diagram. The MOP UI enables the instantiation of processes representation, via the entry and chronological ordering of events, accompanied by the recordings that document them.

The process schema and process for the carafe making are represented in the Mingei Online Platform.