Mastic – Overview


Mastic is an aromatic resin indigenously cultivated on the island of Chios .It is mainly a family occupation that requires laborious care throughout the year by men and women of all ages and throughout the year. Cultivation is characterised by the incision in the skin of the bark and branches to collect ‘tears’. Transmitting of the techniques for incision and harvesting transcends over 2 millennia. The culture of mastic represents a comprehensive social event, around which networks of alliances and mutual help have been established and has played a key role in the history and economy of Chios’ inhabitants and the history of Greece. It is the topic of a plethora of historic, culinary and medical studies, and has been the inspiration for a wide range of artistic creations. Recently, it is marketed as an authentic life experience and cultural activity.

The know-how of cultivating mastic on the island of Chios was inscribed in 2014 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity